Even if your YouTube channel has an equal amount of viewers as a local or regional brand, the national brand itself continues to carry more credibility than a segmented brand that is newer and less established.

The segmentation of channels to a more targeted audience is still a wonderful idea, of course. Broadcasting was always designed to appeal to the masses. Smart marketers in today’s environment always benefit from “narrowcasting” as opposed to competing with multi-million dollar budgets and broadcasting.

In fact, drilling down even further, “nanocasting” where you market to a single person is the ultimate personalization for marketers who can employ technology that makes prospects feel special.

But, when it comes to developing authority and credibility, having “As seen on CBS or FOX news” icon on your website still garners more respect than “As seen on XYZ Internet radio.”

The psychology of celebrity endorsements and alignment with nationally known media properties go hand in hand.

We just feel ‘safer’ when we are about to hand over our money to a brand that Wilfred Brimely also “likes”. When an author is interviewed by a national journalist, that means 99,999 OTHER author were not interviewed. We assume that author has been vetted and screened by countless producers and authorities before being on air. (HINT: This is rarely the case)


Until you become the celebrity brand, leverage someone else’s brand instantly. Your first interview on ABC will probably be a local affiliate, not a national interview. You can legally and ethically use the ABC logo because you were seen or heard on an affiliate station. An affiliate uses the logo, so you may also.