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Inside this FREE depository, you'll find all the resources, tools, training, and connections you'll need to expand your network, speak on more stages, attract the media, and be invited to podcasts, radio, & TV shows.


THOUSANDS of journalists are looking for experts to contribute to News stories, magazine articles, podcast, radio, & TV shows. But, don't email blindly. We'll show you how to get the media to contact you.

 speaker RESOURCES

Membership includes directories of 1400 TEDx stages, 700 radio producers, & 20,000+ association & companies looking for speakers. Use our templates & our  "Entrepreneur Connect" system to get booked.


Your membership includes a $200 coupon for recording your audiobook, a detailed program on a Barnes & Noble book launch, and a tutorial on becoming an Amazon #1 bestseller--100% Free. 


Your FREE membership includes a detailed program on a doing a Barnes & Noble book launch, and a tutorial on becoming an Amazon #1 bestseller, and how to sell books by the thousands.

With over 1400 stages and a variety of dates, locations & applications, getting invited to speak can be tedious.

Your program streamlines the process & gives you full access to the database and template to land your TEDx stage!

Your membership includes databases with over 20,000 corporate and association event organizers looking for speakers.

You'll also get complete access to our templates and "relational connection" system to attract those organizers to you!

Get dozens of inquiries from journalists looking for experts. Position yourself to be invited on their shows. Send a pitch that gets noticed. Send your pitch to the RIGHT person. The News media needs new, daily content

...your content.

Launching your book to the #1 position on Amazon's bestseller list is easy when you use our step-by-step system.

You'll also get our "Bulk Book Buyer" system to move 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 books to organizations.

How would your business grow if you could connect with dozens of 8 & 9 figure business owners?

Working with CEO's & founders for over 14 years, we've refined a system to "up your game" to increase the quality of your clients and connections.

Each month, we host a CEO roundtable for 12-15 CEO's or founders of companies with revenue of $10M or more.

Qualified members share best practices, challenges, & can be a great resource for joint venture opportunities. DM us for an application.

Being on a podcast, radio, or TV requires an insiders perspective on what the media producers want: a professional guest.

Join our "Hotseat" where one member can get media feedback from experienced journalists from CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX broadcasting.

Twice a year, we host the "Visionaries Roundtable" event featuring CEO's and guests. Qualified attendees can expect high-level networking with a wide variety of CEO's & founders.

This is an exclusive, invitation-only event.

Our sister company, Gratis Publishing, is the world's only NY-based publishing house that gives authors 100% of the royalties, copyright & intellectual property. You'll only need an ISBN, manuscript & cover. absolutely zero cost.

Our content division, Author Your Brand, has been ghostwriting books for CEO's and executives for over 14 years. 

Want a professional storyteller to help craft your vision? Click below for an overview, free roadmap & action plan.

Being a guest ...a professional guest on podcasts can expand your reach with almost no cost.

Your membership includes a podcast directory of over 2,000 hosts & email templates to get you booked. eBook and course are FREE.

People judge a book by its cover (sorry grandma). Your book cover, interior design, and even how your text flows are all essential elements of visual storytelling.

Members have access to reviews of your visual media. Click below to schedule a free review.

Speaking in public need not be the biggest fear. In this section, you'll learn how to make the idea of speaking a burning desire-not a thing to avoid. We'll help you improve your natural style and make an impact.

...without breaking a sweat.

Audiobooks continue to outpace print and digital books by 300%. If you have your book in print, producing the audio version is no longer "nice to have."

It's a necessity. Click above for a DIY option and a $200 coupon for those who want to use a studio.

AI. Automation. Email. Social Media.

Blah, blah, blah...

Nobody likes to be sold, especially by a robot. In this section, we'll unpack and outline our process for selling to more clients for more profit.

Do you have a specialty you believe would help CEO's, founders, authors or consultants?

We'd love to help more people and if you have a course you'd like to submit, click above and let's have a no-obligation conversation.

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