Discover 3 “Hidden Strategies” to DOUBLE Your Business

Inside your business there are hidden strategies for growth and increased sales. We confident we can help you discover and unlock at least 3 of resources in under 30 minutes. Click below for your complimentary conversation.

Doug Crowe
Real BestSeller

Use Our Experience
to Showcase Yours

Our company, perhaps like yours, prides itself on delivering value to our clients. Over the past 40 years, our CEO, Doug Crowe has been deeply embedded in the media (ABC radio host) publishing, (launched over 270 best selling books), has been an AP Journalist, and has worked with executives from NASA, Starbucks, Nat Geo and many others.

Transferring 40 years of experience and connections into a 30 or 90 day PR and marketing program for our clients is not easy, but with an obsession for customization and personalization, we do it every day.

What do you want to achieve? Let's have a conversation.

Author*ity Fusion

...It's in the name

Authoring a book is no easy task. What's worse is believing and attempting to use advertising, social media, networking, and influencers to promote your book (with extremely small margins).

Our approach and methods are "future-proof" which means no matter what strategy is "hot" in the ecosystem of marketing, we focus on the basics of sales psychology, a go-giver spirit and an absolute passion for your mission and values. 

It's not an easy strategy, but it lasts.

Don't Listen to Us.
Our Clients Know Better.

"Doug Crowe is a special guy. He was able to take transformation and implement it within 24 hours to make extraordinary results in his business. He is a man, a person, someone you just want to connect with. Please reach out. Connect with Doug. You won’t be sorry."

Sara Makin

CEO, Makin Wellness

"When I met Doug, I learned about what he does and how his company could help me get this to not only get published but to become a best-seller. 

Doug is not only an extremely fun person to work with. He’s dependable and he does deliver what he says he’s going to do."

Maryam Malek

Vistage Chair

"I’m eternally grateful for Doug Crowe and his program for helping me get this book written. It’s been in my head for years and without his streamline, procedures and steps to take I could’ve never gotten it done in the timeline that I did. Thanks again Doug, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough."

Herve DaCosta

Consultant Louis Vuitton

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

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