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We find targeted stages for you.

We send you upcoming speaker opportunities before they are announced. Save yourself from countless hours of research, dead end opportunities, and stop spending thousands of dollars "chasing."

With over 20,000 targeted speaking opportunities, your stage is just a phone call away.


Become a Media Maven.

Being interviewed by the media not only increases your outreach, but can establish your brand and create high-powered connections.

Author*ity Fusion members get FREE access to over 700 journalists, 769 radio producers, and get DAILY inquiries from reporters who need your expertise for their News stories.

All members can access professional media training and "hot seat" reviews at no cost.



Network with industry experts.

Gain access to our community of excellence where you can network and collaborate with over thousands of successful CEO's and Founders who understand and live the core principles of servant leadership.


  • Monthly CEO roundtable
  • Weekly "Ask anything," open forum
  • Monthly media "hot seat" session
  • 2 live events each year (by invitation only)

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industry experts.

Become an Author of Impact. We provide authors with dozens of resources, training, & assets to make your book a platform of influence. 

Ghostwriting. Publishing. Marketing.


Here are 3 (of many) success stories from our community.


Raising $1.5m in 40 days

We uncovered signals that the indoor plant businesses was set to bloom. One of our members took that report and launched a D2C plant startup. Narek announced the project in the Trends community, received some valuable advice from other members, and started building. 40 days later, he used our research to raise $1.5m in funding.

Get Nutty

20x Growth from Selling Peanut Butter

Craig had been running Nerdy Nuts on the side. When he joined Trends, he asked for honest feedback and he got roasted. Members repositioned his brand and had him focus on D2C. Craig decided to become the “Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter.” In 2019 they netted their first $60,000. In 2020, they did their first $1,000,000 in revenue.


From 1 customer to $100,000 in revenue.

Chris Koerner built his 3rd-party logistics company, Send Eats, based on our article about the A to Z of XaaS (anything as a service). Chris has grown from one customer and ~200 orders/month to 27 customers and tens of thousands of monthly orders with hundreds of thousands in revenue.

Your Network = Your Net Worth

Our members are passionate about building relationships & creating impact. Join Today. It's free after all...

Case Studies

Author*ity Fusion is not just a platform. It's a community of excellence.

Money does not grow on trees

...But it may feel that way.

We've helped hundreds of CEO's & Founders create hypnotic personal brands. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

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