Performance-Based Lead Generation

No money up front. Zip. Zero. Nada.

We Deliver Traffic... Or You Don't Pay.

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Performance-Based Lead Generation

We deliver traffic… or you pay nothing

We Help You Get Found Online

Performance-based traffic… we deliver or you don’t pay

Get Found. Get Traffic. Get it?

We deliver results… guaranteed

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Case Studies

Gary Goldstein

Producer, "Pretty Woman"

Doug was instrumental in launching my book and expanding my outreach in the media. If you want to become “slightly famous” there are three very important aspects to understand and execute. They are… Read more.

Tracey Trottenberg

Founder, "Amazing Women Intl."

I can’t thank you enough for publishing my story, Doug. I was not only impressed with the outreach, but your story about me and the President of the United States was incredibly creative… and it even outranked the Huffington Post because… Read more.

Robert Coorey

Author, "Feed A Starving Crowd"

Launching my book was like giving birth. It was a full-time job and immensely gratifying. Having Doug help me rank my story high in the search engines was a definite plus… outranking a similar story in FORBES was out of this… Read more.

What if you could get a flood of LEADS this month and PAY LATER?
Now...YOU can.

What We Do

Book Publishing

Book writing, editing, proofing, graphic design, book cover, and formatting.

Social Media

Establish your profile and business name on all important social media sites.

Book Marketing

Become an Amazon best selling author and get an effective book landing page.


Be on top when potential customers search for your products and services.

Press Release

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Landing Page

The perfect home to sell your products and services.


Performance-Based Lead Generation

No money up front
Zip. Zero. Nada.

You only pay after we deliver!

“Are we INSANE?”

“No, just insanely confident.”

Why do all other marketing firms ask you to pay upfront?

I can think of only 2 reasons:

They don’t believe in their abilities or they don’t trust you to pay. In our mind, these two things are i intertwined. We believe in ourselves and you.

  1. We have the experience and skills in building you a quality brand, positioning you intelligently and driving traffic.
  2. I believe you will be so thrilled with your results, you’d be an idiot not to pay the modest monthly fee for the traffic, exposure and leads you will receive.

This works.. I bet my money on it.

That’s right. I will be paying my staff out of my own wallet to build your campaign. I am so insanely confident in our team, I am willing to remove 100% of the risk on your end… all of it.

If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. It’s just that simple.

When we do deliver, you’ll be excited to invest in the monthly traffic and lead program because you have not only WATCHED it work for you, you experienced it.

Can anyone participate in this?

No. Absolutely not.

In fact, there are a few things to dampen your enthusiasm… pass through this wet blanket of qualifiers and in a few moments, you’ll be on fire again.

-Established business: Google Places/Youtube
-$500+ product or service
-Landing or opt in page
-Sales experience & system
-Personal References & 15 min. Video interview

Still with me?

Landing Page

If you’ve never received a lead or contact from your website, you will definitely need an opt-in or landing page to capture leads, an email autoresponder service to nurture your prospects and a verified Google Places page with a physical address.

If you don’t have those or are unsure, click here and we can correctly build those assets for you for a modest fee.

Google Places

Your business is real-right? Google already knows you exist, but if you have not ‘shaken their hand’ with Google places, you are missing out on a big chunk of traffic. If you have claimed your listing… we’ll make it better. If you have not…we’ll help you solidify your company in the eyes of Google.


If you do not have a true sales process to convert your traffic and leads, this won’t be of any value to you. Don’t do it.

What is a sales process?

At a bare minimum, a way for people to call, email or chat with you. You MUST have a conversation to make a sale. Period.

If you don’t have a sales system, pipeline or a phone, click away from this page… you are wasting your time.


Are you:

  • Selling beanie babies on Amazon?
  • Looking to get more real estate listings?
  • Searching for life insurance clients?

It does not matter what product or service you sell. This will work for nearly any business provided you fully understand one monetary metric.

“The lifetime value of a customer”

If you sell chewing gum and don’t expect the customer to be on weekly autoship-this is not for you.

If you sell roofing. Bingo.
Water treatment systems. Yup.
Kitchen renovation. Of course.

What about the beanie baby example?

If you only sell one to a customer, you are a hobbyist and not a business. In this scenario you don’t qualify.

If you have a monthly membership program, focus on collectibles and actually know some of your clients personally, their lifetime value should be in the thousands…

Acquiring a single customer that pays you multiple times throughout the year in excess of $1000 probably qualifies you for our program.


I am putting my money and reputation on the line. While I believe 99% of people are trustworthy, as a responsible business owner I have to weed out the 1%. As you may imagine, it would be easy for a person to abuse our generosity, so don’t be offended. I am putting my name, references & reputation out there.

You always want to do business with people you know, like and trust.

It works both ways, especially since this program is totally without risk for you.

Click below and let’s have that conversation.

About Us

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