Blog Radio

Broadcast radio still has more prestige than Internet radio, but popular bloggers and some broadcast personalities are making the move to put their shows online. Don’t overlook this outlet for getting media exposure.

In fact, many authors have used this venue to start their OWN radio program! While this may seem like starting a whole new business (it can be), you could always have a weekly radio show where you were the host and interviewed a guest each week on a topic that was important to you, your industry or demographic.

Being a radio host would add to your credibility and by interviewing people in your industry, you add to your own brand along the way.

Podcast & Internet Radio

What’s the difference between podcasting and Internet radio? And how do I use them to promote my products?

In some ways, podcasting and Internet radio are very much alike. However, they serve different needs in a few key ways.

The lone wolf vs. the pack

Podcasters are a more like lone wolves, where Internet radio hosts belong to a virtual pack. When you’re a podcaster, you are creating a show — or podcast — that is on its own. It is not part of a larger group of podcasts but it may be in a category of other podcasts.

Internet radio, on the other hand, resembles broadcast radio. Your show is part of a line up of shows that are available through an Internet radio channel. A popular internet radio show can benefit from the marketing behind the online radio station, if there is one. However, they also have the right to put limits on what you can do with and on your show.

Mom & pop vs. the smooth operator

Podcasts usually feel more casual than Internet radio shows. They are less likely to have audio effects and can seem very down to Earth. A well produced internet radio show has intro’s and exit music, sound sweetening and even commericials. Even Blog Talk Radio, which approximates podcasting, there is the introduction with the British accent announcing “Welcome to Blog Talk Radio.”


SEO or search engine optimization means when someone is looking for YOUR content, YOUR website shows up.

The only problem is, rarely does anyone search for your name and solution in the same sentence.

Once you’ve been on the radio or have your own program, your audio files are internet gold for SEO. Once you start interviewing others, post those audio files on your website. When your guests do the same, exchange links to increase your SEO. If you want to add further SEO, transcribe the interviews and allow your website visitors to read or download them.

From Social Media Guru, Gary Vaynerchuk. You must choose an area where you can win. No, scratch that. Not just win, but absolutely dominate. After all, don’t we have enough mediocre podcasts around? Your broadcast must be something:

  • You are passionate about engaging in,
  • Leverages your strengths and;
  • Where you bring things to the table that no one else can.

If you start out not knowing where you can be preeminent, that’s fine but make sure your end goal is to be on top of a mountain. The best.