For most businesses, getting noticed and picked up by search engines continues to become more challenging every year.  With hundreds of thousands of competitive businesses increasing their reach online, your competition is better funded, more experienced and your ability to stand out and garner new leads becomes exponentially more challenging.


In the hierarchy of marketing, a true news story will always, and I mean ALWAYS be better received, viewed, clicked on and engaged with, than traditional advertising. (Ever wonder why Tivo or DVR are so popular? Most commercials are not even seen nowadays) When we search for information, our reticular activating system doesn’t even see 99% of the ads, offers and content displayed by most marketers. Most of the time, we ignore what we aren’t looking for. Is it any wonder, marketers that depend on paid advertising traffic, that interrupts our thoughts, jump for joy at a pitiful 1 or 2% response rate to their annoying ad?


When your company, product or event is in the news, people not only read it, they trust it. Traditional marketing must spend countless resources showing you how trustworthy they are with video testimonials or celebrity endorsements. Whereas a trusted news source with YOU, your business or product embedded in that story needs no other validation.

The fact that you are in the news is validation enough.

There isn’t a Fortune 1000, movie studios or celebrity that doesn’t use the press to announce their offerings, build their brand and create a buzz. Their marketing departments spend millions of dollars crafting “news” so they can sell you more laundry detergent or movie tickets. They run ads, too, of course, but smart marketers realize the immense power of linking their business story to a news story.

What about you? Can you do the same?

Yes…You Can.

However, before you think “ABC Plumbing of Lancaster, PA” is about to be linked with the next Transformers movie, a reality check is in order.

Most press release companies miss a critical component of serving the small and medium business owner. It’s a subtle difference but one that can make the difference between seeing your news release on the first page of Google or having no one seeing it at all. Here it is…

99% of press releases are attempting to optimize YOUR website.


Unless you are a name brand, your business will never outperform national heavyweights like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and dozens of news outlets that have the credibility and connections to outperform even the most aggressive SEO campaign. Simply broadcasting your new grand opening in Pocatello, Idaho won’t go very far. Even commenting on the latest iPhone rollout will  be a challenging strategy for most marketers.

There is one system that has always worked, in every industry, for all time…As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

1. Authority Fusion gets approved businesses the ability to rank their content on a Google Certified news site.  Our relationship with Google allows your content to rank in the news within 24 hours of approval. Local businesses can expect to be in the top searches on Google news for most keyword strings and if your business desires to rank for Google regular search, we have a monthly program that can do just that.

2. Authority Fusion’s real magic occurs after the release is issued and indexed into Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you engage with any of our monthly syndication programs, your news story will be viewed, shared and virally spun to the hottest and most relevant sites online. We won’t backlink your press release to phantom blogs or any black hat sites. We use what works…


There is no doubt that news outranks, outperforms and will catapult your message, business or event faster and with more credibility than traditional advertising. The only remaining question is, “How do you get into the news and get your news to be relevant, sticky and viral?”

Authority Fusion has a suite of options to accommodate any budget. If  you are serious about taking your business to the next level, our monthly social signals program establishes a consistent stream of linking, connecting and commenting on your news article. This program offers a combination of inserting you in the trending news, viral videos, social marketing, and high authority backlinks.

We then top off your program with a custom and ultra secret analysis of your competition that is 100% legal, but once you see it, you’ll swear we work for the NSA.

Engage with us and your competition won’t know what hit them until you have blasted past them in media exposure and customer acquisition.

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