When it comes to talking about your business, nothing beats having someone else do it for you. When you “toot” your own horn, it’s difficult to be objective, fair and interesting. When someone ELSE talks about you, not only can a professional write about you in a style that speaks to your audiences objective, a third party endorsement always carries more credibility. (“Hi, I’m Bob and my company is amazing.” vs. “Have you heard about Bob? His company is amazing!”) Here are 4 fundamentals of collaborating with a professional writer to get your story told…properly.

  • Fresh Perspective: Getting someone new on your project is valuable, because their vision of your business is the same as that of your customer…new.  A professional writer is immediately asking the tough questions.  Why should anyone care, much less make the effort to connect to your enterprise?  Finding good answers and presenting them in a credible manner will entice people to engage with you.
  • Emotional Distance: You’re excited about what’s happening in your business.  You’ve worked like a slave to make it happen and you’re pumped!  Letting all that energy flow into a press release can result in hype, not news.  How can you tell the difference?  Hype uses slang, direct address and exclamation points such that the reader could well view it as an advertisement.  News is relevant, interesting, useful information that supports the reasons your customers want to know more about you and do business with you.  A professional press release service will make sure your press release is news worthy, and place it where it belongs — so it gets read by the right people.
  • Timely Connections:   The deep immersion in your own work environment can leave you unaware of outside events.  A professional writer knows and is able to connect your business announcement to the time flow of world or local events, making it relevant and interesting. By piggy backing larger national stories, local businesses can often get huge “lifts” in their public exposure and credibility.
  • Formatting and Structure: If writing is not your business, chances are you’ve not studied how to craft a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. There are deep, psychological trigger of what your audience and the media look for. Those triggers have to be prominent in your press release.  Reporters and journalists need the important information up front so they can use it quickly and effectively. Consumers need to know if you can solve their problem, inform or entertain them. Professional writing will not only get you noticed, but keep the reader’s attention and cause them to act.

Pay attention to the word “craft”.  It’s important.  Crafting a press release that gets you noticed requires practiced skill and careful attention to detail.  You’ve spent the time and energy to hone your own skill in business.  It makes sense to hire a professional writer who can position your message effectively, make you shine and draw new business to you like a magnet!

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