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Submitting a press release that gets published online is easy. Getting it picked up by the major search engines, including Google News requires using a news service that is certified.

Our Bronze Package will allow you to write your own press release, then upload it to Authority Fusion.  We will then verify that your release as all the necessary elements, the grammar and spelling are correct, then, we’ll submit it to our Google-certified news source,

Press Release on Steroids is a verified and established publisher with Newswire. Your Olympic Bronze press release package includes:

  • Submission of your release to, a Google-certified news source
  • Indexing your press release to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Social sharing of your news to over 100 dedicated journalists
  • Social signal linking to other publishers and marketers
  • Linking your press release to YouTube and Google+
  • Guaranteed placement in Google news

In order to create an effective release, you’ll need to craft a compelling and newsworthy ‘hook’ that connects your keyword to the news. For example, if you wanted to rank in the search engines for the keyword string “plumber in orange county” you’ll embed that keyword phrase in the following areas:

Headline (i.e. “John Smith, plumber in Orange County, saves  Irvine couple 88,000 gallons of water in less than 90 days”)

Abstract (i.e. Orange County plumber, John Smith, announces a new water-saving service that guarantees to save…)

Body copy (i.e. US News and World Report announced today, that the drought has increased water prices over 9% in counties across the nation. Orange County plumber, John Smith, reported that his clients were “hopping mad” at the 12% increase they saw on their bills this past quarter. Smith, a 30-year veteran in business, saw opportunity in the rate hike. “As a plumber in Orange county, I not only work here, I live here, also. My bill was skyrocketing, so I took action…”)

By embedding your keyword string in these areas, your press release has a better chance of ranking high in the search engines for that term. You’ll also embed that keyword in the comment section of your original photo and as the title for your video. Be sure to view the Authority Fusion tutorial on how to maximize your press release to become a strong and powerful piece of internet real estate you can own, grow and monetize for weeks and months.

Price is only $997 + $97/month.

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