Stop trying to compete with the Huffington Post, Forbes or other National Media. Your blog, website and Facebook post will never rank higher than theirs. Since you can’t beat them,


We’ll get your story published and inserted where people are already looking…in the news!

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Your Media Connection

At Authority Fusion, we don’t issue “press releases.” We follow, curate and add to trending stories and publish real news. What makes us unique is our journalists seek expert commentary for trending topics (this is where you come in!). By positioning you as the authoritative expert, validated by trusted sources, your status as a real expert is assured.

Professional PR

Pro Journalists

Our staff are professional writers & news journalists. They follow the trending topics your customers are already reading. Their stories will feature your commentary and expert opinion.

PR Syndication

Full Syndication

Your news story, combined with our syndicated network of outlets and social signals that Google loves, will link you to top publishers like NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and over 250+ news outlets around the globe.

News Readers

Instant Results

Within 48 hours, your story will be in over 100+ worldwide news outlets. With trending topics everyone is talking about, your name added to the conversation, with links to your solution.

Case Studies

I ranked higher than Huffington Post!

8x10_1full“After working with Doug and his team, we literally EXPLODED online. Not only did our news story get picked up by 100’s of news outlets around the country, my commentary on a national news story ranked HIGHER than the Huffington Post.”

“Don’t waste your time looking around. My industry is a highly competitive one. Thankfully, being positioned as an expert in the topic of Female leadership now separates me from the pack. When you hire Doug and his team, you’ll not just be in the news, you’ll BECOME the news.

-Tracey Trottenburg

Praise from Producer of Pretty Woman

“Spending a few decades in Hollywood does not make me a stranger to2015-03-24_1316 public relations, media and positioning. When I took my writing and film production career to the publishing my first book, Doug’s service put me in front of over 2,000 NEW media outlets I would not have otherwise been exposed to.”

“It does not matter if you are promoting your book, your brand or a non-profit, you will benefit from being positioned as an expert in the news. If you are looking for a professional to position you in a newsworthy manner with national and global reach, you’ve found it.”

-Gary Goldstein

Beat a Reality TV Star’s Facebook Page!

Ali“I was insanely impressed with how much exposure and reach we received with AuthorityFusion. Doug wasn’t kidding when he said he would put us in the news. Just this year alone, I’ve been featured on E! news and The Doctors!”

“I’m not an SEO expert, but I know that ranking my story in over 2,500 news outlets and beating Ali Fedotowsky’s own Facebook page is pretty slick. We are not stopping here. We’ve also hired Doug’s team to help us capitalize on this success.”

-Renee Lynn

We’ll Make You Famous

Getting your story positioned in the news is what makes you stand out. Getting your story to “work” and become part of the media stream requires a myriad of resources and connections. Some of our strategies include the following:


We will publish your story in our “Google-certified” newswire service that guarantees you a spot in Google news.

  Social Linking

Your story will not only be shared inside our journalists news feed, but we’ll link your story to major newspapers around the world.


We insure your news story is indexed to all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.


Your video will be broadcast on Youtube, Newswire & other video partners. See below to apply for our exclusive iCNN upgrade.

  Social Sharing

Your news story is shared with over 100 dedicated journalists & their newsfeeds to catapult your story beyond the mainstream press.


Your story is guaranteed to garner spots in ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Google news, & other trusted media partners.

Super Size Me!

For approved stories, your story can be videotaped and published on iCNN, adding tremendous credibility your clients will admire.


Enter your name and email to qualify for a FREE interview by one of our consultants. We’ll schedule a time to get to know you, your product & organization to position you as an expert IN THE NEWS!

Be Heard…Everywhere

Who is doing the talking?

Broadcasting, syndicating, linking, and sharing your story on your own social media is appropriate, but when others share your news story, it now becomes important. Our global syndication of your story, fully endorsed by trusted 3rd parties creates shareable credibility. With hundreds of partners in industry, media, bloggers and non-profits, your story’s “voice” will be more than shared…it will explode online.

Social Media Syndication


Everyone Loves a Story

Stories sell.

We may not remember facts, figures or what we had for dinner last week, but our minds are hard wired to share, learn, trust and engage through story. Hollywood has perfected it. Journalists invented it. The moment your story goes live on the the wire services, your story is positioned for thousands of bloggers and other journalists that are hungry for interesting news to be republished.

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